Why Smugtown?


The home of Kodak, the Genesee River, and civil rights extra ordinaries Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony.  Nestled in Upstate New York, north of the Finger Lakes and right along Lake Ontario, the Rochester area is home to lush forests, farmland and other natural wonders special to this area. Mushrooms grow everywhere, even within the city limits.

The name Smugtown originates from a local author G. Curtis “Curt” Gerling. In 1957, he wrote a book called Smugtown, which was a critique of the high society in the city between the 1930′s & 50′s.  Before Gerling wrote his book, and before the economic collapse that plagues the rust-belt cities along the Great Lakes and Erie Canal, Rochester was a big deal. It was filled with wealth, prosperity and smug people who were living in their glory…
We at Smugtown Mushrooms want to make Rochester a big deal again.  But not in a way that separates and divides people ability to prosperity…we believe everyone should be able to attain the wealth and abundance of good, healthy food and medicine even in Smugtown.


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